IELTS TOEFL mandatory for Georgia study visaThe Embassy of Georgia in India has raised the requirements for issuing D3 student visa to Indian students. As per the new set of guidelines, Indian students who are willing to study MBBS or other courses in Georgia are required to submit their IELTS/TOEFL certification along with their visa application.

Why this decision was taken?

Georgian border police has been deporting many Indian students for a while now. The wording of the Georgian officials is that the students lack proficiency in English language. Hence, they are unfit for studying in an English-language program. The issue recently gained a lot of media attention and reached Ms. Sushma Swaraj. Ms. Swaraj had a talk with the Georgian officials.

Their stance is also true to some extent. Several students from Gujarat and other state boards applied for MBBS in Georgian universities. However, they have such poor English understanding that they failed to answer even the most basic questions about themselves. This has resulted in an overall bad image for the Indian students and even students with good English proficiency were sent back without a proper interview. Now the Embassy is trying to ensure that only students with good English understanding and listening skills are granted a Georgian visa.

What’s next?

All students who have applied or are planning to apply for the Georgian study visa need to undertake the IELTS or TOEFL exam and submit the positive result at VFS Global service offices. For new applicants, the application will not be accepted by the VFS office without a positive IELTS result.

University level possibilities: It is possible for the university to get in touch with the consular department and make an alternate English level exam possible. In this case a member of the consular section will be present to overlook the exam. This exam will serve as an alternate to the ITELTS or TOEFL requirement.

Minimum score: The Embassy has not disclosed a minimum score of IELTS. That said, a 5 band score should be the one that can be called as a “Positive score”. We are also assuming that the Georgian Embassy will accept similar English certifications such as PTE, however it is not yet confirmed.

Featured Image credit: ApplyBoard