NEET 2024 Passing score & cut-off for MBBS admission in abroad

NTA’s NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) test results were released on the 4th of June 2024. As per the exam format, only a little over 50% of the students attain a “qualifying” score. I’m sure you have already checked your NEET score in total. And since you’re reading this post, you are likely considering to study MBBS in abroad. Given India’s shortage of medical seats, studying abroad is the right option for thousands of students who dream of becoming a doctor.

While NEET is inherently a merit-based exam to allocate the limited MBBS seats in India, it also partly applies to foreign medical education. You do not need a merit or high score in NEET to study MBBS abroad. As per the National Medical Commission (NMC), you must qualify/pass the NEET exam even if you plan to study abroad. It is a strict requirement, and you will not be allowed to register as a doctor in India if you are admitted to a foreign medical university without passing the NEET exam.

What does “NEET Qualified” mean?

If you look at your NEET 2024 scorecard, you will see your percentile score. Students from the General category are cut off at the 50th percentile. However, students from reserved categories like SC/ST/OBC receive some benefits as their cut-off score is in the 40th percentile.

A student is “NEET Qualified” if the score equals or exceeds the cutoff. In other words, you must “pass” the NEET exam. The passing score varies yearly based on the students’ relative scores. The passing score will increase if more students attain a high NEET score. So, what is the passing or qualifying score in 2024? In the following paragraph, we look at the NEET passing score in 2024.

What is the passing score for NEET 2024?

The passing score in NEET 2024 is slightly higher than that in 2023. The 50th percentile cut-off is at 164. If you belong to the general category, you need 164 or more marks in NEET 2024 to study MBBS abroad. There is some relaxation if you belong to other categories, as the passing score gets dropped to 129 for SC, ST & OBC candidates. Here’s a table with the details of the NEET passing score for this year.

  • Unreserved (general) category: 164 or more
  • SC/ST/OBC: 129 or more

I passed NEET in the previous year but failed this year. Can I still study MBBS abroad?

You can still study MBBS abroad if you have failed to qualify for the NEET exam this year. The NEET score of the previous 3 years applies as a basis for admission abroad.

Even if you did participate in the NEET exam this year, you can still use the score from your previous years to gain admission and study for MBBS in abroad.

The NEET passing score is only a requirement from India. Foreign universities do not use NEET scores for admission or student rankings as the exam has no status in their countries.

I do not want to work in India. Can I study abroad without passing NEET?

While we do not recommend you cut off your option of practicing medicine in India, it is your call. Admissions to foreign universities is possible without NEET. However, some countries (like Georgia) require a NEET score to apply for a visa. So, your options are reduced if you want to study MBBS abroad without NEET.

In short, you can study abroad without NEET. However, you cannot use the earned degree to practice as a doctor in India.

Here are the best countries to study MBBS

Have you passed the NEET exam? If the answer is yes, then you have a lot of countries to choose from for your MBBS education. In 2024, students strongly demand European countries for education because of the quality of education, future opportunities, safety, and lifestyle.

So, the following are the Top 5 countries to study MBBS in 2024:

  1. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  2. Romania
  3. Serbia
  4. Georgia
  5. Russia

You can contact us to clarify any doubts about the NEET exam or to apply for admission to any university.