About us – Worlin Education Services

We strive to help you fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor.

Worlin Education Services Pvt ltd is one of the leading education service providers in Northern India. We primarily offer medical study programs (MBBS, BDS, MD, MS, etc.) to students in pan-India. If becoming a doctor is your dream, we are the best ones to help you fulfill it. We offer a wide-ranging portfolio of outstanding and brilliantly managed services, from pre-admission to post-landing services, designed to suit the student’s needs.

Thanks to the steadfast and untiring determination of our Director, Mr. Bhagwan Singh, who initiated the Worlin Education model. It is a unique platform that provides solutions and services to students to bridge the gap between their career and professional lives. On the other hand, it is helpful for foreign colleges and universities willing to recruit students from India.

Why Choose Us?

High Success Rate

We have achieved close to 100% student acceptance and visa success. Nearly every student enrolled through us has joined his study program.

15+ Years in Service

We’ve been recruiting students to foreign universities since 2008, gaining experience and earning trust of thousands of students.


We leave no stone unturned to keep up with what we commit. We do not make fake promises and only only commit what we can achieve.


Apart from the pre-admission guidance, we will be your helping hand throughout the duration of your study progra.m

Primarily, we counsel and guide students on their careers based on their aptitude, attitude, and choice. We help them choose the right educational institute that suits their pocket and career graph. Worlin provides information and admission services for medical programs in several countries like Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Georgia, Russia, Armenia, Malaysia, etc, with a lot more in the pipeline. Most of the educational institutes in our portfolio are exclusive partnerships with the university. Worlin Education is a one-stop destination for all students who want to study medicine and serve in the healthcare industry.

Worlin education is influential in bringing education from foreign universities to the doorsteps of Indian students. It has helped overcome the fears of Indian students about enrolling themselves in foreign schools. The education is much more affordable and easily accessible without any burdensome processes.

With its corporate office in Chandigarh, Worlin Education Services does have several associates in different parts of the country. Students from all parts of India utilize our services directly or indirectly through our network of associates.

Highlights from our journey so far

We have achieved a lot over the years and there's more to come. The following are some of the major events in the Worlin Education's journey so far.


Worlin Education Services was founded in 2008. Our initial offering included end to end services for students looking to take admissions to medicine programs in China. We started with two exclusive universities.


Private Limited Company

Over the years we gained experience and started serving a larger geographical area. Worlin Education was registered as a private limited company with the registrar of companies in 2012. We started offering MBBS study programs in several countries.


Georgia as a study destination

In 2014, Worlin brought Georgia as a destination for medicine studies to the reach of Indian students. We started with an exclusive understanding with two universities. The destination was loved by students, parents as well as our network of associates. Today, there are thousands of Indian students studying medicine in Georgia.


Bosnia as a study destination

We launched Bosnia and Herzegovina as a destination for medicine studies. This European country has seen good interest since the start and it is only growing bigger. Over 300 students from India are now studying medicine in Bosnia. The country's education system complies with the new guidelines issued by the NMC.


Serbia as a study destination

We did the ground work over the years and added Bosnia's neighboring country - Serbia as a study destination for Indian students. It also follows the requirements set by the NMC.