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China is becoming an increasingly preferred destination for medical studies due to its world-class infrastructure and affordable fees. Most of the universities in China are state owned; however only some offer a full English medium program.

China is the neighboring country of India. The climatic conditions as well as the type of diseases are very similar among the two nations. So, China is one of the most preferred country to study MBBS abroad. Students from India are going to study MBBS in China since several years. In fact, we at Worlin, have been recommending Chinese medical universities since 2006.

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All Medical Colleges and Universities in China are owned by the Government (state). This ensures that the quality of education as well as the standards are never put at stake for making profits. There are a number of medical universities in China, which are MCI approved and recognized by WHO.

MBBS in China – Benefits and Advantages

Chinese education system is one of the biggest educational systems of the world. It has an extended history of providing education for ages. Over the past many years, China has been catering international students at increasing rates.

  • English Medium Course (except for bilingual universities).
  • The government owns most of the Universities in China.
  • No Entrance Exam. No Capitation Fees.
  • Low Tuition Fees & Cost of Living.
  • Medical Council of India (MCI) Approved. Eligible for MCI exit exam (NEXT).
  • World Health Organization (WHO) Recognized. Eligible for USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK) etc.

China also reserves the number of seats which are allocated to students from different countries. So, it is not that all students will be enrolled from India or Pakistan. Instead, students from all over the world, including the Americas come to study MBBS in China.

So, you will find students from different countries, following different religions and having different cultural backgrounds. This multi-cultural environment helps not only in learning, but also ensures that the student learns to interact with people from other backgrounds.

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WORLD CLASS INFRASTRUCTURE: Infrastructure offered in Medical Universities in China is one of the best in the world. The universities are spread across large areas of land, with their own affiliated hospitals. The classrooms and labs are also equipped with modern technologies, including projectors & whiteboards. In fact, it is hard to imagine the same level of infrastructure in any other country of the world.

GLOBALLY RECOGNIZED DEGREE: MBBS/BDS degree which a student earns in China is recognized all over the world. So, the students will always have the option to settle in any another country of the world. That said, the student will need to take the local licensing exam for that country. For example, after coming back to India, a student needs to take the NEXT (National Exit Test) before starting to practice as a doctor.

AFFORDABLE AND EASE OF ADMISSION: The cost to study MBBS in China is very affordable. The tuition fees varies across different universities, however, most are cheaper than to study MBBS in a private college in India. The admission procedure is also very easy and straight-forward. The students do not need to take any entrance exam or give big donations to enroll themselves.

SAFE AND SECURE SOCIETY: China is a peaceful country with social harmony and smart security. China makes use of modern technologies to track criminal activities and ensure safety and security of the residents as well as the international students living in China. The govt additionally takes special care to provide international students with a secure study and living atmosphere.

MCI Approved Medical Universities in China (2018)

English medium: Medical Council of India (MCI) has published a list of 45 universities which are approved by MoE, China & MCI. These 45 universities offer 100% English medium program for MBBS and BDS. You can refer the list by expanding the section below or on the MCI website.

List of English medium universities

Sr. No. Name of University
1 Wenzhou Medical University
2 Anhui Medical University
3 Dalian Medical University
4 Capital Medical University
5 Tianjin Medical University
6 Shandong Medical University
7 Fudan University
8 Xinjiang Medical University
9 Nanjing Medical University
10 Jiangsu University
11 Jilin University
12 Zhejiang University
13 Wuhan University
14 Huazhong University of Science & Technology
15 Xi’an Jiaotong University
16 Southern Medical University
17 Jinan University
18 Guangxi Medical University
19 Sichuan University
20 Chongqing Medical University
21 Harbin Medical Science University
22 Beihua University
23 Liaoning Medical University
24 Qingdao University
25 Hebei Medical University
26 Ningxia Medical University
27 Tongji University
28 Shihezi University
29 Southeast University
30 Yangzhou University
31 Nantong University
32 Suzhou University
33 Ningbo University
34 Fujian Medical University
35 China Medical University
36 Xuzhou Medical University
37 China Three Gorges University
38 Zhengzhou University
39 Guangzhou Medical University
40 Zhongnan University
41 Shantou University
42 Kunming Medical University
43 North Sichuan Medical University
44 Southwest Medical University
45 Xiamen University

Bilingual: MCI has also published another list of over 214 universities which teach in bilingual (partly in English and partly in Chinese language). The fees in bilingual medical universities is significantly lesser as compared to the fees for English medium program.

You can find the list of bilingual universities on the MCI website. Studying in bilingual university in China is approved by the MCI. However, it is harder because of the language barrier. So, take a wise decision when you aim to take up medical education in China.

MBBS/BDS in China (2019 session)

Admissions for MBBS in China have started for the 2019 session in China.

  • Wenzhou Medical University
  • Anhui Medical University

Best Universities to Study MBBS in China

We recommend the following universities to students who want to pursue medical education in China. We also have collaboration with some other universities. Contact us for further details.

Wenzhou Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University for 2018-19 admissions
Ownership Govt. Owned
Course Duration 5 years + 1 year
Tuition fees (yearly) ¥30,000 CNY per year
3.18 Lakh per year (Approx.)
View Details

Anhui Medical University

Anhui Medical University fees and details for 2018 session
Ownership Govt. Owned
Course Duration 5 years + 1 year
Tuition fees (yearly) ¥30,000 CNY per year
3.18 Lakh per year (Approx.)
View Details

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FAQs About MBBS Study in China

What is the Medium of Instruction in China?

There are both types of universities in China – those which teach 100% in English and those which teach in bilingual. So, if you choose an English medium university, then English will be the language of instruction during the course. For bilingual universities, a part of the course will be taught in Chinese language after firstly teaching you Chinese during the first 2 years.

Is it safe to study and live in China?
India and China may have certain political or border issues, but China does take good care of people who arrive to the country on a valid visa. In fact, a student is more safe in China, than in India.

Chinese people and government do not discriminate on the basis of your background.

What are the Future Prospects after Completing MBBS in China?
Completing your degree successfully in Georgia opens up a lot of career options. You can either return back to India and clear the MCI exam (which is compulsory for both Indian & abroad pass-outs) or you can start working in a different country. You will need to clear the local licensing exam of the country where you want to practice.
FAQs About MBBS study in China