Study MBBS in Serbia: 2024 fee structure, Universities, Admission process

Worlin Education now offers another fantastic destination for students seeking to Study MBBS in Europe. Serbia is a country in Central and Southeastern Europe. MBBS from Serbia is 100% compliant with the new NMC guidelines. Students from India are showing a strong interest to study MBBS in Europe. Hence, Serbia, as well as Bosnia turn out to be the finest countries to study MBBS in 2024.

Medical Education in Serbia

Serbia is landlocked, sharing borders with Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Bosnia, and Croatia. It is in the process of joining the European Union, making it an even more influential country. Serbia has a good standard of living and is a great destination to grow your career as a doctor. In 2024, Serbia is one of the best places to study MBBS abroad, and you should not ignore it from your consideration.

Republic of Serbia is a rising destination for students preferring to study MBBS in Europe. The country fulfills the updated NMC (formerly MCI) norms about the curriculum, duration of the study, and registration prospects after completion. Hence, Indian students who educate in Serbia can return to India and obtain a license to practice in India. Moreover, the degree is widely accepted, making the graduates eligible to work in any other European country. Serbia offers affordable medical education, which makes it an ideal destination for Indian students who want to avoid the high costs of private medical universities in India. Medical faculties of top universities in Serbia are approved by WHO and offer MBBS programs in 100% English medium.

Highlights about MBBS in Serbia

Eligible students50% score in PCB in Class XII
Medium of instructionEnglish medium MBBS program
NEET exam requirementA qualifying score is required
MBBS program duration6 years (including internship)
IELTS, TOEFL or PTENot required
MBBS program fee₹2.25 Lakhs per semester
Cost of living (food and accommodation)
₹17,000 per month
Validity in India
Yes, valid. Fulfills all guidelines of NMC
Application deadline
July 2024
Entrance exam
Yes, a simple entrance exam is there
Approved by

Why you should go to Serbia to study MBBS? – The benefits

Serbia is an upper-middle income economy with ample resources. The climate is also neither too hot and nor too cold. Hence, it is a nice place to study, work and even to settle down. As a student of MBBS, you will experience the Serbian culture and hospitality – which carriers a lot of positivity. Here are some of the important things that are of advantage if you study MBBS in Serbia.

European country, joining European Union in the coming years
 Universities approved by WHO, FAIMER
Fully compliant under new norms of NMC
Affordable tuition fees
Low cost, yet good standard of living
Degree valid for working anywhere in the world

Easy entrance exam for admission
Quick approval of student visa
Highly qualified faculty
Eligible to take USMLE, PLAB; etc
Students can work in any European country
Degree fully valid in India
Good Climate throughout the year

Quality of Education: Most of the top medical universities in Serbia are state-owned (govt. universities). The Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of Kragujevac and University of Novi Sad are well-known and highly recommended university to study MBBS. Top universities in Serbia have state-of-art facilities and are equipped with modern laboratories providing high-quality education using the latest teaching methods and techniques.

Affordable tuition fee: One of the reasons why Indian students go abroad to study MBBS is the exorbitant fee charged by Indian medical schools. The Govt. Universities in Serbia provide a lot better education for a significantly lesser overall cost (living costs and tuition fees combined). The average annual tuition fee in Serbian medical universities is about 5,000 Euros.

Safety and Security: Serbs are very welcoming of foreigners. Serbia is free from any racial or social discrimination against foreigners. Serbia is ranked 52 on the Global Peace Index 2022. In comparison, India ranks at 135. The lower value means a more peaceful and safer country. Hence, you can live, study and grow in Serbia without worrying about your safety.

Prospects of settling in Europe: Studying MBBS in Serbia is a good pathway to work and settle in Europe. Residency status in Serbia is already valuable and will become even more valued when Serbia joins the European Union.  You can work in Serbia or move to other European countries and practice as a doctor. The degree is recognized throughout Europe and the rest of the world..

Study MBBS in Serbia (2024 Session)

Best University for MBBS studies:

  1. University of Kragujevac
  2. University of Novi Sad
  3. University of Nic

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Study MBBS in Serbia
MBBS in Serbia

List of Best Medical Universities in Serbia (2024 edition)

You must take admission to an accredited and authorized medical university. As such, the following are the best universities in Serbia where students from India can study for an MBBS degree in the English language.

Sr. No.University Name
1University of Kragujevac
2University of Novi Sad
3University of Nic Faculty of Medicine
4University of Belgrade
5Military Medical Academy, University of Defence

Fee structure: Tuition fees for MBBS in Serbia range between 5,000 and 7,000 Euros per year.

MBBS Admission Process for Serbia

The procedure to get admission in Serbia is quite standard and matches the working of other European countries. However, it can take time to complete the necessary approvals and visa applications. Here is the step-by-step admission procedure.

  1. Application and documents: Apply with us. We will forward your documents to the university in Serbia for evaluation.
  2. Entrance exam: The university will conduct a short and easy entrance exam.
  3. Ministry Approval: International students need to be registered with the Serbia’s Ministry of Education. It can take a few weeks.
  4. Visa Application in India: The university will issue the invitation letter and other documents required by the Embassy of Serbia to grant a student visa. Thereafter we will submit your visa application to the Embassy. Visa approval can take about 2 weeks.
  5. Travel: It’s finally the time to travel and join your study program.
  6. Start studying: You can start studying and proceed towards your aim of a world class health care professional.

Eligibility Criteria to Study MBBS in Serbia in 2024

The NMC has laid down some minimum qualification guidelines that all students who plan to study MBBS abroad should meet. Universities in Serbia also have some additional requirements beyond those required in India by the NMC.

Age requirement: Students willing to study MBBS in Serbia must attain an age of 17 years by the end of the year in which admission is sought (31st of December 2024). You can take admission if you have not yet completed 17 years of age, provided your age will be 17 by 31st December of the same year.
For example, if your current age is 16 years and eight months in May 2024. Then you can take admission in the 2024 session as you will complete the age of 17 by the end of the year.

Academic performance requirement: Students should have completed their Sr. Secondary education, i.e., 10+2, with at least 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
Students under the SC/ST can get some relaxation in India. However, most universities in Serbia mandate a 50% score in PCB.

NEET exam requirement: As per NMC guidelines, every student must attain a qualifying score in the NEET exam to study MBBS abroad. You must qualify NEET if you want to work in India post completion of your education.

English language proficiency: All students must have an understandable knowledge of the English language. Since the study program is in English, students must be capable of understanding and interacting in English.

Entrance exam: Your university in Serbia will take an easy entrance exam before granting admission. It is a simple exam related to the concepts you have already studied.

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FAQs About MBBS Study in Serbia

What is the Medium of Instruction for MBBS in Serbia?

English is the medium of instruction in most educational institutes that intake international students. The universities also have programs in the Serbian language for local students or students from the regions that speak Serbian. If you apply from India, your course will be taught entirely in English language.

Can I take admission before the NEET result?

Yes, you can apply to the university and take part in the entrance exam. Your application fee is fully refundable if you want to cancel your application in case of a shortfall in your NEET score.

Is it safe to stay in Serbia?

Yes, Serbia is a country having a low crime rate. You will not face any trouble or discrimination during your study program. For a factual comparison, Serbia ranks at number 52 on the Global Peace Index. In contrast, India is ranked at 135.

Is MBBS from Serbian university valid in India?

MBBS degree from a Serbian medical university is fully valid in India. You will be eligible to return to India and take the NEXT exam to register yourself as a doctor in India.

Serbian universities comply with the new notification of the NMC and other international bodies. Do note that you must meet the eligibility criteria set by the NMC.

What is the duration of MBBS course in Serbia?

The duration of the MBBS program in Serbia is 6 years. It includes internship and the duration of the program complies with the NMC guidelines. 

Can I take transfer from Ukraine to Serbia?

A limited number of seats are available for students who wish to transfer from a medical university in Ukraine to a medical university in Serbia. Your application will be evaluated on the basis of your already completed credits. Please contact us to know more.

What is the flight route to reach Serbia from India?

Many routes are available for traveling from India to Serbia. However, there are no direct flights to Serbia. Most flights go through a layover in UAE (Dubai, Sharjah) and Instanbul.

Frequenty Asked Questions about MBBS in Bosnia