Study MBBS in Philippines

Philippines is becoming an increasingly preferred destination for medical studies due to its world-class infrastructure and affordable fees.

About Philippine Education System

The Philippine education system has been greatly inclined by its colonial history, which has included periods of Spanish, American and Japanese rule and occupation. During the period of American colonization, beginning in 1898, English was instituted as the language of instruction and a public school system was established, administered by a Department of Instruction, and modeled on the US system.

Philippines follows the American education system. The United States has left the largest imprint on the education system, which can be discerned in a number of ways. One is the Philippine’s extensive and relatively inclusive, system of higher education, to which access is widely available (comparative to other Southeast Asian nations). Today the United States continues to influence the education system, with many Philippine academics having earned graduate degrees from U.S. universities.
The Philippines has long been a leader in the region with respect to achievements in education, and by 1970, the Philippines had achieved universal primary enrollment. and not to forget Philippines Universities are the world’s most affordable universities when compared with other universities.

Philippines has 90% literacy rate. If proves that Education is of primary concern in the country Philippines is the largest English – Speaking country in the Southeast Asian region. English is used as a medium of instruction in higher education.The country is the major exporters of English teachers, nurses, doctors and Skilled workers abroad.

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Why Study MBBS in the Philippines?

There are a lot of existing reasons why students should choose Philippines for their medical studies. Few of them are listed below:


English Medium & Recognized

  • The world’s third largest communicative country
  • Highest English acquirement rate in Asia
  • Widely-used language for business, education, communication and trade
  • US System of Education
  • Quality medical education as recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), IMED of ECFMG- USA and similar alternative bodies.
  • Prime Universities known worldwide
  • Integrated problem-based learning approach


  • Affordable tuition fees as compared to the quality of education
  • Economical accommodation and living expenses
  • Wonderful and comfortable boarding facilities
  • Cheap medical and dental expenses
  • Cheap travel, transportation and relocation

Conductive & Safe Atmosphere

  • Warm, gracious and cordial reception of the Filipinos
  • Open and stimulating schoolroom atmosphere
  • Commonality between students and professors
  • Dedicated and friendly college workers and college members
  • Cultural diversity within the society
  • Short proximity to alternative Asian countries
  • Distended business centers
  • Advanced data technology

Opportunities for Growth

  • Higher opportunities to secure employment and permanent residency in developed countries
  • Sensible chance to travel around the world
  • Opportunities to create vital contributions to your society and to your country after graduation
  • Education entryway to countries like the USA, UK, Canada and lots others

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