Do you want to become a doctor?

Then, Study MBBS Abroad

Take the crucial step in your career building — study MBBS at the best universities in safe and secure countries.

Foreign MBBS education gets you a quality education at an affordable total cost. Moreover, you do not need to worry about competitive exams and merit in NEET.

There are many high-quality universities where you can study and proceed towards your career goal of becoming a licensed doctor. Fill in the form, and we will get in touch with you.

MBBS admissions, best universities

Lots of good destinations to choose

All programs that we refer are fully recognized by WHO and fulfil the criterea set by NMC (previously MCI).

Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇧🇦 (European country)

You can choose to study MBBS in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in the European continent. It is one of the most preferred destinations right now, with a perfect mix of things that should matter to an MBBS student.

University of East Sarajevo

Govt. University
University has a 500-bedded hospital for clinical
Affordable fees of ~ €3,000 per year
University hostel (dormitory)
100% English-medium study program

Safety and security aren’t something you’ll ever need to worry about in Bosnia. However, there are limited seats in Bosnia and they will fill up relatively fast.

Read about Bosnia

Romania 🇷🇴

This is a golden opportunity for students who want to work and settle in Europe after completing their studies. Romania is an EU and Schengen area member state. The tuition fee for MBBS in Romania is among the lowest in Eastern Europe.

Govt. Universities
➥ Tuition fee starts at ~6000 Euros per year
➥ European Union and Schengen Zone member country
➥ English language study program
➥ Fully compliant with NMC notifications
➥ Safe, secure and crime-free country

Serbia 🇷🇸

Serbia is another European country that is fully compliant with the NMC guidelines. You can complete your MBBS at one of Serbia’s many globally recognized Government universities.

The country offers affordable and high-quality education according to the European curriculum. The tuition fee starts from 5,000 Euros per year.

Georgia 🇬🇪

Georgia is another excellent destination country for MBBS students. You can choose between govt. and private universities that have already trained hundreds of medical aspirants from India.

➥ Govt. & Private Universities
➥ Thousands of Indian students are already studying in Georgia
➥ Safe and secure country
➥ Affordable fee ~ $5,000 per year
➥ Good FMGE passing rate
➥ Indian food is widely available

The education system in Georgia ensures high-quality education. You can’t just go wrong with Georgia as your choice of destination for MBBS education.

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Russia 🇷🇺

If Bosnia and Georgia do not interest you, then you can go ahead to study in Russia. Russia is among the oldest destination that Indian students have chosen for their medical education.

Russia has high-quality public and private universities that offer education at affordable fees.

The current drawbacks with Russia are the uncertainties around the Ukraine war issue. The war can lead to further sanctions on Russia, which can affect the educational quality and its validity across the globe.

Others 🌍

Not convinced with any? There are several other options in Asia and Europe that can be customised to your specific needs (such as future expectations and budget).

We do not recommend the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and the Caribbean islands. Why? Please contact us and we will explain the fundamental problems with these destinations right now.

Just get in touch with our advisors by filling the forms on this webpage and we will help you. We have a well-suited MBBS abroad option for everyone.

Countries available to study MBBS

Studying abroad has many advantages

Millions of Indians go abroad to take education in different streams. There has to be advantages, isn’t it? Let us look at some of the significant advantages.

Approved by MCI / NMC

English language MBBS programs are approved by MCI / NMC and valid for practicing a doctor in India.

Higher quality education

Learn in a rich environment from internationally accredited faculty and with access to modern healthcare techniques.

Lesser competition

No need to work your way through extreme competition just to get admission. Focus on learning & skill development.

Settle Abroad

It will be easier and convenient for you to work and settle abroad when you study in a foreign country.

Affordable, Culturally diverse, international exposure, modern infrastructure – there’s so much to gain.

💡In short, you should go for it. It is totally worth it!

Support throughout the process

We help you throughout the process

Worlin Education Services prides itself on being the best MBBS education consultancies in the region. We offer a complete catalog of services starting from the student’s counseling all the way to the student’s settlement in the destination country. All our counseling sessions are 100% free. So, you are always welcome to ask away all your queries, doubts, questions, or whatever you have in your mind about studying MBBS abroad.

The best MBBS abroad options

We don’t confuse with too many options. We only recommend what we feel are the best options available to study MBBS abroad.

End to End process

We provide our support throughout the process. This includes the admission, translation, visa, travel, airport pickup, residency, SIM cards; etc

100% free counseling

Visit us for an insightful session and clear all your doubts about studying MBBS abroad. We do not charge at the counseling stage.

Get started now

Admission, interview, visa processing etc can consume a lot of time. You should apply timely to get seats in good universities andjoin your classes timely.

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Do not waste your precious time… ⌛

Planning to drop and retry NEET again next year? Think again.

➡️ It is impossible for everybody to get admission to MBBS in a govt. university in India. There are high number of medical aspirants and limited seats for medical education. Reservations cause further scarcity as well.

➡️ Dropping this year to try next year will already push you backwards. Time is very precious in the medical career as the education phase is one of the longest as compared to other professions. Drop only if you were very close to getting a seat in India.

➡️ You can save your time by spending it where you should i.e. towards your medical education. So, you should consider to study medicine abroad instead of dropping and trying again to get a MBBS seat in India. 

High number of medical students and less universities

Documents required to apply for MBBS in abroad

  1. Passport
  2. Class XII mark sheet
  3. Class X mark sheet
  4. NEET score card
  5. Digital photograph

How to apply?

Please send your documents via email attachment to: [email protected] and we will be prompt to act on it. Do remember to share your contact details (phone number, WhatsApp; etc) as well for easier communication.